SureAccess MD, LLC Program Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Type of Member
$155/month Individual with Monthly Payment (Nonrefundable Three (3) Month Payment Due at Initiation of Membership)


The decision was made to move all Patient/Member payments to a monthly fee schedule on 5/1/2017. In this scenario, Patients/Members were asked to pay a monthly fee of $175 to be a member of SureAccess MD, LLC. This membership fee would be due either by ACH drafting from the Patient’s/Member’s designated bank account or by charging the Patient’s/Member’s designated credit card or debit card. Such transactions would be initiated and administered by the Business Manager of SureAccess MD, LLC. The membership fee was reduced to $155/month on 11/1/2018 when the contract changed to reflect that all inpatient hospital care would be provided by the designated hospitalist service of the local hospitals (see Section #5, paragraph I) and Section #7