Integrative Partners, LLC

Alive to thrive

Integrative Partners, LLC is a concierge functional medicine practice that offers members a personalized experience in the clinic and through frequent communication, educational opportunities, events, and community partnerships.

Casey Payne, PA-C, has a passion for involving patients in their plan of care and providing education to help them better understand their diagnoses. She is currently a candidate for the Functional Medicine Certification program through The Institute For Functional Medicine. She has completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Module, Hormone Module, Cardiovascular Module, and Immune Module.

Casey is a member of IFM and NCCPA certified.

Coming Soon! Dr. Ellie Hudnall is joining Integrative Partners this spring!

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Using an integrative approach allows for patients to experience comprehensive healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Patients will experience significant improvement in their overall health and well-being through implementation of comprehensive treatment plans that incorporate the latest in modern medicine as well as natural and alternative treatments. Education about the importance of foundational health principles such as nutrition, sleep, movement, and stress management allows patients to make strides toward reversing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

What conditions can functional medicine treat?

  • Adrenal disorders
  • Alzheimer's disease and dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Severe fatigue

Integrative Partners, LLC Membership

Patients pay a monthly membership fee of $175 that covers:

  • Concierge Healthcare with Functional Medicine Approach to treatment of symptoms and chronic conditions
  • Online Educational Resource Library with information on topics such as nutrition, healthy living, stress management
  • Community activities such as yoga, breathwork
  • Partnerships with local businesses who share the vision for healthy living

Does Integrative Partners offer Functional Medicine Consults for patients not interested in concierge care?
Currently, we do not offer Functional Medicine visits for patients who are not enrolled as members of Integrative Partners. We hope to offer this service in the future.

Does Integrative Partners accept health insurance?
Integrative Partners accepts most major health insurance plans. Please reach out to determine if we are in network with your insurance plan.

Does my insurance company cover the monthly membership fee?
No, your membership fee is not an allowable charge to the insurance company because it is a non-covered service.

Will I be charged for months that I do not have an appointment or reach out to a provider after hours?
Yes, the monthly membership fee is charged each month unless the contract is terminated by the patient or provider.

Will I be responsible for copayments and services my insurance company does not cover?
Yes, you will be responsible for copayments and balances that remain after the insurance company has paid their portion of your office visits, procedures, etc.

How will I pay for lab services provided through Integrative Partners?
You can use your health insurance or pay directly for laboratory services. You can discuss insurance coverage of lab services with Clinical Pathology Laboratory, our in-house lab provider. Payment will be made to CPL directly for any remaining lab balance after insurance payment.

How will I pay for imaging services ordered by an Integrative Partners Provider and completed at an outside facility?
You can use your health insurance or pay directly for imaging services at the facility where the service is being performed. You can discuss coverage of the imaging study with your insurance company. The imaging facility will also notify you of any copay, deductible payment needed before proceeding with the imaging study. Payment is handled directly with the imaging facility.

What services are included in my monthly membership fee?
Your membership fee covers access to Concierge healthcare with extensive access to providers, access to functional medicine evaluations and treatment plans when desired, access to yoga and breathwork activities in a community setting twice a month, access to an online educational resource library with information on topics such as nutrition, stress management, healthy living, etc.

Do I need to maintain my current relationship with my Primary Care Provider if I am a member of Integrative Partners?
Integrative Partners is a full-service primary care clinic. We offer annual wellness visits, sick visits, functional medicine evaluations and treatment plans, and more. We will coordinate with specialists you are already established with and can refer you to a specialist if indicated.

How do I schedule an appointment with Integrative Partners if I am already a patient of SureAccess MD?
During your next visit, you will discuss with Dr. Rick Michael or Dr. Paul Guidry whether a functional medicine approach could be of value in improving your health based on your symptoms and chronic medical conditions. Should you decide to proceed with their recommendation, the SureAccess MD staff will provide you with additional information needed to schedule an appointment with Integrative Partners.