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SureAccess MD offers a unique membership-based model called concierge medicine.

This model allows our physicians to spend more time with each patient by keeping our patient base low and offering high-quality, individualized care when you need us.

We believe in a better way

Dr. Rick Michael and Dr. Paul Guidry are experienced physicians who are dedicated to providing their patients with high-quality, personalized care using leading-edge medicine. They recognize the value in developing a caring and collaborative partnership with each patient and limit their practices to less than 500 patients. Limited patient size allows for next day appointments, more time in the exam room, and direct access when you need them most.

Committed to Personalized Primary Care

Take advantage of our concierge medicine membership in Shreveport, LA

At SureAccess MD, we know how frustrating it can be to wait days or weeks to see your doctor, only to receive five minutes of attention. That's why we've adopted a concierge medicine model for our practice in Shreveport, LA. By keeping our patient base low, our primary care physicians can offer same-day appointments, extended office times and around-the-clock communication. Reach out to us today to discuss whether a membership is right for you.